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About Crystals

Below you can find a list of the Crystal we regularly stock, and their properties.

Amethyst: Balance. Inner Peace. Healing. Meditation.

Amazonite: Self-love. Communication. Truth. Clarity.

Aqua Aura: Helps release Stress & Negativity. Protection. Calming. Creativity. Provides Peace during Meditation. Aqua Aura is Clear Quartz bonded with Gold.

Black Tourmaline: Protect against Negativity. Balance. Healing. Strength.

Blue Apatite: Focus. Clarity. Acceptance. Intellect. Unconditional Love. Communication.

Clear Quartz: Calmness. Harmony. Healing.

Fluorite: Protection. Truth. Cleanses & Stabilises Aura. 

Green Aventurine: Independence. Creativity. Balance.

Jade: Serenity. Longevity. Fertility. Wisdom. Harmony. 

Labradorite: Calming. Imagination. Promotes Psychic Abilities. 

Lapis Lazuli: Inner Truth. Intuition. Self-confidence. Manifestation. Friendship.

Lepidolite: Meditation. Awareness. Emotional Balance. 

Obsidian: Manifestation. Transformation. Shields against Negativity.

Rainbow Moonstone: Love. Hope. Inner growth. Strength. 

Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love. Friendship. Self-love. 

Ruby: Devotion. Healing. Passion.

Selenite: Clarity. Deep Peace. Positive Thoughts.

: Logic. Intuition. Emotional Balance. Enhances self-esteem.

: Freedom. Romance. Independence. 

Tourmilated Quartz: Balance. Grounding. Protects from negative energy.

Turquoise: Purification. Wisdom. Strength.

Information gathered with the help of: Charms of Light.

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